Brew Moon Brewing Company

Brew Moon Craft Brewery, Amberley, North Canterbury

The Brew Moon Brewing Company is a completely independent craft brewery in Amberley, North Canterbury. Started in 2002 by Kieran McCauley and Belinda Gould. The Brew Moon's aim is to bring you flavoursome natural beer made locally by people who are passionate about good, sustainable, local food products. We have recently been joined by our son, Toby, so the Brew Moon remains a truly family business.

Our beers are mostly made using Canterbury grown malt, Nelson hops, water and yeast but sometimes we break with tradition and use other fun and delicious ingredients like herbs, spices and fruit. Our ingredients are always good and where possible they are local. Our beers really are handcrafted and naturally brewed - they are not filtered or pasteurised so you get all the flavour and health benefits. As a result our beers may not always be crystal clear - but there are plenty of crystal clear flavourless beers made by huge breweries and multi-nationals for you to choose from - if that's what you want!

We've Moved and We're Open!

After 13 years out in the country south of Amberley we have just moved into the centre of town. Amberley possibily isn't the coolest town on the planet - yet - but Markham Street is definitely the coolest street in Amberley - or Los Amberles to its many admirers. We have some great street art, Little Vintage Espresso, the old bank building (which sadly had a shake-up in the earthquakes) our great local hardware store, Aurthur Burkes and down the end of the street (on SH1) is Mumma T's Trading Lounge. 

We opened our bar and taproom at the front of the brewery on Wednesday February 3rd. You can try the beers, get your riggers/growlers filled and have a beer with a pizza or platter of local food. We're here for the beer - not a fine dining experience (there are restaurants for that) but the food we serve will be good and go really well with beer. Go to our pizza page for information about takeaway pizzas.

Hours: Wednesday - Friday       From 3 pm

            Saturday & Sunday        From Midday

We are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Easter Trading Hours - Due to the legal constraints of trading over Easter we will be closed on Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday - we reopen on Wednesday March 30th.

Happy Easter!

Beer to Go - we also have an off licence and will be selling fresh beer (filling riggers and growlers) and cans. The off licence will be open at the times above and at other times - "if we have time" we'll put out a sign out. The Amberley 4 Square, Amberley Super Liquor and Pukeko Junction Wine Centre all carry a good range of our beers.

The new site means more room for brewing and we have some shiny new tanks (along with some old ones) so we can brew more beer. We've increased our range with some new and exciting brews and we have bought a shiny new canning machine (from Can-ada of course!) Its a big step up from our old 2 bottle filler fondly known as "Manuel" and it should mean that you can find a Brew Moon beer in a can near you all over New Zealand soon.


Brew Moon Brewing Company Ltd, 12 Markham Street,  Amberley 7410,  New Zealand  Tel: 033148036


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