Tobs joined his folks in the Brew Moon at a very opportune time – Kieran and Belinda were part way through moving the brewery to its new site in Amberley when Kieran climbed a ladder to check out a tank they were buying and BANG he had a brain hemorrhage. Toby left his mining job in Australia, took a sizeable pay cut and came home to help get things going at the “new Moon Saloon and brewery” in downtown Los Amberles.

Toby has been a jet-boat driver for Kawerau Jet in Queenstown and he’s blown up rock on mining sites in Australia and Egypt, so brewing is a bit tame by comparison. However, the end of work beers and pizzas are a lot better than what’s on offer on mine sites!

Trying out new recipes and tasting new hop combos are what Toby enjoys about brewing (especially tasting!) – what he’s not keen on are his parent’s constant suggestions!!

Toby is indirectly responsible for the fantastic pizzas we serve up at the Moon – he went to Christchurch to buy a van for the brewery and came home with a mobile pizza oven! Thanks Tobs.

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